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Inaugural Hart Schafer Road Safety Award

The 2024 Hart Schafer Road Safety Award was presented to the Bangladesh Road Safety Project.

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93% of Crash Deaths Occur  in the Developing World

A Decade of Saving Lives through Road Safety Investments

65 million people provided access to safer roads between mid-2018 and mid-2023 -- the equivalent of the entire population of South Africa or the United Kingdom.

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Guide for Safe Speeds

New guidebook provides guidance on how to select and implement speeds that are safe for all road users.

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2023 GRSF Annual Report

Read about GRSF's interventions, impact, research,
and more in the 2023 Annual Report.

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Estimating the Disability Burden of Road Traffic Injuries

New report provides valuable insights into the prevalence, causes, and long-term impacts of crash-related disabilities.

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MDBs Publish Road Safety Financing Commitments

Multilateral development banks (MDBs) collectively committed $3.6 billion to road safety from 2018-2022, yet more financing is needed to achieve the UN goal of halving global road fatalities by 2030.

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Promoting Global Road Safety

GRSF provides funding, knowledge, and technical assistance designed to scale-up the efforts of low- and middle-income countries to build their scientific, technological managerial and delivery capacities for road safety.

Our Programs   Our Impact

  • 1.35 million

    people lose their lives in the world’s roads and up to another 50 million are injured

  • 84

    countries has received funding, knowledge and technical assistance by GRSF

  • 74 million

    of donor pledges received since 2006, in addition to unquantified support from the World Bank in its hosting capacity

  • 10,500

    lives saved through GRSF Grants and World Bank loans since 2016

Road Safety Country Profiles

The Road Safety Country Profiles gives a precise assessment on the magnitude and complexity of road safety challenges faced by low-and middle-income countries (LMICs) and helps policy makers understand the road safety framework in context of their own country systems and performance.

This road safety country data presents information on all pillars of road safety (management, roads, speed, vehicles, road users, and post-crash care), along with information on the current status for each country and region along with extensive information on key risk factors, issues and opportunities.

Speed Management Hub

Under the new BIGRS Program 2020-2025, GRSF is the host of the Speed Management Hub. In this platform, the GRSF team provides evidence-based road safety knowledge to help manage speed through infrastructure interventions, effective enforcement, targeted awareness measures, and vehicle technology.

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