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What is GRSF

What is GRSF

The Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) is a global multi-donor fund hosted by the World Bank. Its mission is to help governments develop road safety management capacity and scale up road safety delivery in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

GRSF provides funding, knowledge, and technical assistance designed to scale-up the efforts of LMICs to build their scientific, technological, managerial and delivery capacities for road safety.

GRSF Goals

GRSF operates as a hybrid grant-making global program, allowing it to distribute funding externally for global, regional and country activities, and internally through World Bank-executed grants, which enhance the work of the World Bank’s transport Global Practice and leverage road safety investments in transport operations in client countries. GRSF also directly delivers road safety projects, research, peer-reviewed papers, reports, in-country guidance, and manuals to enhance road safety knowledge, capacity, and delivery.


GRSF in Action

Since its inception in 2006, the GRSF has received total donor pledges of $74 million, in addition to unquantified support from the World Bank in its hosting capacity. GRSF work has expanded to 84 countries, improving road safety outcomes through technical assistance, training and capacity building, and grant-funded activities.

GRSF plays a key role in global road safety research, leadership, advocacy, guidance, and delivery by participating in numerous influential initiatives. Some highlights of the GRSF impact are:

  • $2.68 billion

    worth of World Bank investment projects supported by GRSF grants in FY21

  • 10,500 lives

    saved through GRSF Grants and World Bank loans since 2016

  • ~35,000 km

    of roads surveyed & assessed for road safety under the GRSF – Bloomberg Program since 2010

  • ~10,000 km

    of roads where safety recommendations were incorporated into designs under BIGRS since 2010

  • 14,000
    professionals trained

    under BIGRS since 2010, in learning activities led by GRSF or where GRSF contributed

  • 71

    of the FY21 Call for Proposals has gone to support external partners, up from 53 percent in FY20

  • 23

    by GRSF, resulting in 7 grants on road safety research, advisory and capacity building in FY21

  • 120+

    GRSF presentations, workshops and events hosted/arranged for road safety in FY21

  • 28

    reports, blogs, and other knowledge products published by GRSF in FY21

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GRSF Focus Areas

  • Road Safety Research & Development
    Road Safety Research & Development

    Funding and using applied research for low- and middle-income country road safety management.

  • Capacity Building
    Capacity Building

    Focused on the GRSF Road Safety Management Capacity Reviews, exchange of knowledge, and good international practices in road safety.

  • Global Road Safety Leadership & Management
    Global Road Safety Leadership & Management

    Partnerships for results in road safety strategy and data management, in particular with members of the UN Road Safety Collaboration.

  • Safe Road & Roadside Infrastructure
    Safe Road & Roadside Infrastructure

    Through road safety audits, star-rating risk surveys, safety inspections, crash-data analysis, and international good practices for roadway design.

  • Safe Speed
    Safe Speed

    Focused on promoting infrastructure-related speed management interventions along with modern speed enforcement in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies.

  • Safe Vehicles
    Safe Vehicles

    Promoting stronger regulations in vehicle design for protection and safety inspections on new and used vehicles through country partnerships with CITA.

  • Safe Users
    Safe Users

    Through knowledge exchange related to the importance of safe road-user behavior and effective communications aimed at reinforcement of other road-user related safe system measures.

  • Emergency Medical Services & Post-Crash Care
    Emergency Medical Services & Post-Crash Care

    Partnering and funding with the World Bank’s Health team and organizations like WHO to scale up needed first aid, ambulatory services, trauma care and health sector crash data.

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