GRRSO Dialogue on Powered Two-Wheeler Safety

Dialogue on Powered Two-Wheeler Safety

The Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory (APRSO) and the Ibero American Road Safety Observatory (OISEVI) co-hosted an interactive expert program on motorcycle safety for low- and middle-income Countries (LMICs) with a focus on countries for which motorcycling is the dominant road transport mode, supported by the World Bank’s GRSF and other partners. 

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Global Regional Road Safety Observatories Dialogue (GRSSO) on Powered Two-Wheeler safety was held on 11 and 12 October in Manila, Philippines. 

The Dialogue brought together an unprecedented range of global experts and practitioners striving to address deaths and serious injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes. It provided a unique opportunity to address issues relating to countries and cities where powered two-wheelers (PTW) are the predominant form of transport. 

The event included a range of sessions featuring presentations from global experts on issues from across the safe system approach to road safety. These included sessions focusing on safer roads for PTWs, safer vehicle standards, motorcycle helmets and related road user issues and targeted presentations focusing on planning, data and more.  Sessions also included high-profile events held by key global partners, where essential tools, resources and campaigns related to motorcycle safety were highlighted. 

Globally, powered two and three-wheelers represent 29% of all deaths. Alarmingly this figure surges to 62% of all ASEAN road deaths, and in some countries in the region such as Thailand and Indonesia, rider fatalities can be as high as 74%.

A key feature of the event was conducting a series of dialogues on some of the most challenging issues facing motorcycle safety practitioners and advocates. The event also saw the launch of a world-first multi stakeholder partnership campaign for the fitment of life saving motorcycle ABS crash avoidance technology in support of the UN Global Goals for Road Safety.

GRSF and WBG took part in the Session 3: Redesigning infrastructure for PTWs held on the second day of the Dialogue, where transport specialist Marisela Ponce de Leon Valdes presented Vietnam Central Highlands Connectivity Improvement Project IN REAL LIFE: Building for Communities with Motorcycles.

Dialogue gathered more than 100 participants in-person and more than 100 joining online.

As a part of the conference, the APRSO Annual Meeting was held on October 13. 

GRSSO discussion 2022


GRSSO discussion 2022



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