GRSF Supports 7th UN Global Road Safety Week

GRSF Supports 7th UN Global Road Safety Week

The World Health Organization and the United Nations regional commissions celebrate its 7th UN Global Road Safety Week from May 15-21, 2023. This year’s theme, #RethinkMobility, is a call to shift to sustainable modes of transport, in particular walking, cycling, and public transport. Road safety is both a prerequisite for and an outcome of this shift.

GRSF is marking UN Global Road Safety Week by promoting sustainable modes of transport and highlighting GRSF's work in the Philippines, Vietnam, Ethiopia and Bolivia promoting safe mobility for all road users.

Join us to advocate for safe walking, cycling, and public transport this week by using 
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🎬 Messages from World Bank Leadership

GRSF asked leaders of the World Bank why road safety is a key priority. Watch the video below to hear what they had to say.

  • Axel van Trotsenburg, Senior Managing Director, Development Policy and Partnerships (@ 0:11)
  • Mamta Murthi, Vice President, Human Development (@ 0:36)
  • Guangzhe Chen, Vice President, Infrastructure (@ 1:09)
  • Nicolas Peltier-Thiberge, Global Director, Transport (@ 1:31)
  • Jennifer Sara, Global Director, Climate Change (@ 1:56)
  • Said Dahdah, Global Lead for Road Safety and Head of GRSF (@ 2:15)


📑 Our latest blog: Rethinking Mobility

Global Road Fatalities Remain Unacceptably High. Rethinking Mobility is the Only Solution.

Senior Transport Specialist and GRSF Program Manager, Alina F. Burlacu, published a piece on the World Bank's Transport for Development blog. The piece argues that, if we are to significantly reduce the unacceptably high road crash fatality rate, we will need a new mobility hierarchy that prioritizes the movement of people above vehicles, and that values safety, sustainability, and inclusion above all else.

Rethink Mobility

📰 Read the blog


👉🚥Speed Management Hub

#RethinkMobility FAQs

The GRSF Speed Management Hub provides evidence-based road safety knowledge to help manage speed through infrastructure interventions, effective enforcement, targeted awareness measures, and vehicle technology.

A key feature of the hub is an ever-expanding list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about speed management.

To the right are some FAQs related to sustainable transportation and the #RethinkMobility theme.

👉 Why is it vital to have lower speeds where there are Vulnerable Road Users, particularly children and older pedestrians?

👉 What are some effective network and town planning practices to help manage speed and improve vulnerable road users’ safety?

👉 What are some practical road safety engineering solutions to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety through speed management?

👉 What is the role of grassroots advocacy in improving the safety of pedestrians and cyclists?


New Animation:
Traffic Calming Measures

Traffic calming measures are an essential tool for improving road safety. Check out our latest video animation on the Speed Management Hub to learn more about how specific traffic calming solutions can be applied in different settings, such as in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

Visit the Speed Management Hub


📑 #RethinkMobility Resources

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Motorcycle Safety in Africa cover      Notes Cover      Low Speed Zone Guide Cover

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