Newsletter 22 | Winter Newsletter: GRSF Updates

Newsletter 22 | Winter Newsletter: GRSF Updates

Event Highlights ⌵︎

Report Launch Webinar: Guidelines for Conducting Road Safety Data Reviews 📒

The Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) and the International Transport Forum (ITF) invite you to the launch of the Guidelines for Conducting Road Safety Data Reviews. Join us on February 23rd to get to know the various aspects of the whole data collection process, such as road crash investigation, reporting, and registration, checking completeness and consistency, storage, and accessibility - as well as analysis and use.  




Transforming Transportation 2022: GRSF Knowledge Booth 🚲

BannerLet’s save lives on the road! Join the GRSF booth to learn more about evidence-based knowledge to address the road safety crisis. In this knowledge booth, the GRSF team will talk about several pertinent topics including, speed managementroad safety data in low- and middle-income countriesroad safety data reviews, and a soon-to-be-launched road safety design guide.


Webinar series on Safer Road Infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific 📢

BannerRegister today for a 5-part webinar series - Helping Save Lives from Road Crashes in Asia-PacificDelivered under the Road Safety Capacity Building Programme for Asia and the Pacific and Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety 2020-2025, this series will focus on safer road infrastructure recommendations of the Global Plan for the Second Decade of Action in Road Safety, sharing knowledge, tools, and case studies that will help countries eliminate high-risk roads, unlock the economic benefits of 3-star or better roads, and meet global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and United Nations (UN) Target obligations.


Research Highlights ⌵︎

📒 New Publication: Guidelines for Conducting Road Safety Data Reviews ⌵︎
ReportIn many countries around the world, deficiencies in data or data quality impair evidence-based road safety policymaking. While many countries collect road safety data, the collection is not necessarily comprehensive.

The Guidelines for Conducting Road Safety Data Reviews are designed to support reviewers in the assessment of road safety data collection; the complete range of safety data should be considered. This task can be complicated because a collection of road safety data is often not achieved by activities dedicated to this purpose, but rather through piggybacks on other sources. 


Partnerships to Save Lives ⌵︎

Road Safety Auditors Train-the-Trainer-Course in Ukraine ⌵︎

BannerFrom October 7 until November 29, 2021, a Road Safety Auditors Train-the-Trainer-Course in Ukraine was successfully delivered, culminating with the ceremony of awarding certificates on December 15.

The training was organized by the World Bank GRSF in collaboration with the Reform Support Team at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, under the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS) 2020-2025. 24 trainees were selected to attend this training from government institutions, private companies, universities, and research institutes.

Learn more about this training

Essentials of Road Safety Engineering Workshop in Asia ⌵︎

BannerFrom September 20 to October 11, GRSF hosted a series of online modules that offered practical guidance on enhancing road safety in Asia. Organized under the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS) program, these virtual learning sessions were part of the workshop “Essentials of Road Safety Engineering”. 

219 participants were trained, including government officers, consultants, contractors, development officials, and members of the police, academia, and research institutes. 116 participants received a certificate of satisfactory completion for the workshop.

Watch the recordings of the training

Safe2School App: Technology that gets our kids safe to school ⌵︎

BannerThe Safe2School application is aiming at reducing road safety risks through crowd-sourcing information from all participants in everyday commute. It allows users to red flag potential critical locations where danger lurks for children walking to or back home from school.

The user-friendly mobile app features an option for alerting local authorities about the most critical and frequently reported child-safety-in-daily-commute issues. Every user can check in real-time where are the most critical locations and adjust the commute of their children accordingly.

Watch the video

NEW FAQs in the GRSF Speed Management Hub!

What are the most impactful and low-cost opportunities for speed management communication and awareness?

8.10 Myth: Safer speed limits will always make trips longer.

Will a vehicle equipped with Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) reduce speed when it detects a lower speed limit?

What are the best practices for a contract with the private sector for speed cameras?


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