Speeding Hurts Us All – Traffic Calming Measures

Speeding Hurts Us All – Traffic Calming Measures

Traffic calming measures are an essential tool for improving road safety, as they can have a significant impact on reducing crashes and fatalities on our roads. By slowing down traffic and creating safer spaces for pedestrians and cyclists, traffic calming measures not only improve road safety, they also make our communities more livable—especially for children.

Speed is a major factor in road crashes—a speed increase of just 1km per hour can lead to a 4-5% increase in fatal crashes. Traffic calming measures such as speed bumps, chicanes, and roundabouts reduce average vehicle speed by compelling drivers to slow down. These measures—many of which are engineered into the road design—make it easier for drivers to control their vehicles, stop in time if necessary, and avoid collisions. Furthermore, roads designed for calmer traffic flow can also allow for designated spaces for pedestrians and cyclists, making it more pleasant and safer for them to navigate the roads.

Check out the video animation above to learn more about how specific traffic calming solutions can be applied in different settings, such as in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

You can learn more about speed management strategies in our Speed Management Hub FAQs. Below is a small sample of FAQs related to traffic calming: