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Program overview

Evidence-based knowledge to address the road safety crisis ⌵

In FY2020, GRSF initiated a new Research Program with support of UK Aid donors, Bloomberg Philanthropies and the World Bank. The Program includes two major components: 

The first component is related to the development of road safety data and capacity in LMICs through the establishment of Road Safety Observatories in Africa and Asia-Pacific. 

The second component involves several applied road safety research projects to address the gap in road safety knowledge and to promote scientific road safety practices in LMICs. The GRSF road safety research projects aim to tackle cutting-edge road safety topics, such as innovative use of big data for road safety, the use of police, medical, health survey, census data to refine methods of road deaths and disability estimation. The research projects also include software development to assess the effectiveness of road safety interventions and the delivery of several guidance documents to address the road safety challenges related to planning, design, policy, communications, and implementation of road safety projects. 

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Key Outcomes in FY21

Critical road safety knowledge generated by GRSF was widely disseminated during the FY21 through: 120+ presentations, training, workshops and events; 19 research papers, reports published; and 9 other knowledge products published.

GRSF’s publications have been highly recognized among preeminent academic papers. The total citation count of GRSF’s work published in this fiscal year has had more than 4112 citations*, illustrating a growing interest in GRSF’s work that continues to pioneer much needed road safety research.

* Total citation for the period July 2019 to June 2020 is 4112 citations. For calculating this number, GRSF monitored the citations of publications from GRSF team members, including their activity on Google Scholar and Scopus for this specified period.

Upcoming Research Projects

In 2020, the program has initiated two important research projects to understand the limitations of crash and injury data collection processes, existing estimation processes, and the status of disabilities from road traffic crashes. GRSF has initiated collaborations with the University of Chicago’s Department of Public Health Sciences, and George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health on mortality research and morbidity research, respectively.

GRSF has also initiated a collaboration with the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). The GDB, IHME at the University of Washington, is a comprehensive regional and global research program that provides tools to estimate and quantify the mortality and the morbidity from major diseases, injuries, and risk factors, including road traffic crashes.


Program Sponsors

Program Outcomes

  • funds

    +1 million 
    of additional grant funds mobilized in FY20 to road safety research

  • Event icon 2

    120+ events
    for road safety (presentations, trainings and events hosted in FY20)

  • research

    28 research
    papers reports, blogs and other knowledge products published by GRSF in FY20

  • quote

    +4,000 citations
    of GRSF publications in FY20

  • view

    94k+ visits
    to the GRSF website in FY21

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