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Road Safety Grant Program

Program overview ⌵︎

A vital part of the GRSF mission is the Road Safety Grant Program, that supports the World Bank and other institutions with their road and urban transport investment projects as well as advancing global road safety research.

GRSF grants are provided following annual Calls for Proposals after rigorous evaluation process against the facility’s objectives, along with the project’s ability to positively affect road safety outcomes at the city, country, and/or regional level. Written government endorsements accompanying these requests guarantee stronger countries ownership, favors more sustainable outcomes, and provides a greater possibility for additional road safety investment in the client country.

All GRSF grant funded projects have to follow World Bank environmental and social safeguards, financial management/fiduciary requirements and procurement rules.  As our grants are mostly of research nature, all GRSF grantees are also encouraged  to follow UK Aid Guidance on Safeguarding in International Development Research, including also some principles for international research during COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Outcomes ⌵︎

In FY2020, GRSF achieved significant milestones across the board making strong and sustainable road safety outcomes through increased funding, innovative activities, and strong teamwork. This was made possible by GRSF’s enhanced global reputation, larger and sustainable donor funding and partnership with the World Bank’s Transport Global Practice leading to stronger commitment to the road safety agenda:

  • During FY20, GRSF supported World Bank operations and global research in road safety through 47 grants already in implementation. 

  • New Call for Proposals selected 9 successful grants worth over $1.7 million focusing on road safety research in low-income and UK Aid Direct eligible countries. These proposals will be implemented during FY21.

  • The GRSF grant-funded activities influenced WB investment projects worth over $3 billion on road safety interventions.

The GRSF Grant Program has improved safety delivered through bank loans with a total value of nearly $4 billion. In addition to mobilizing and guiding World Bank resources, GRSF Grants leveraged almost $250 million of financial support from counterpart governments to safe road investments. 

The GRSF’s Grant Program has expanded to 81 countries, and based on preliminary estimates, is expected to result in over 1,800 lives saved by working on improving road safety outcomes of World Bank loans through technical assistance and capacity building. Hence, the GRSF’s Multi-Donor Trust Funded Grant Program has again significantly exceeded the key donor agreed performance target.

  • Winner Proposal FY20 ⌵︎
  • Previous Winners ⌵︎

GRSF recently announced the winners of the FY 2020 Call for Grant Proposals, a key mechanism of the ongoing GRSF Grant Program in selecting top quality road safety research initiatives. The nine successful grants total $1.711 million, span over a large geographical area, and focus on addressing the growing crisis of road traffic deaths and injuries in low-income countries. This was made possible thanks to the financial support of our UK Aid donors (Department for International Development and Department of Health and Social Care) and with the support of specialized experts from our GRSF Technical Advisory Panel.

FY20 call for proposal

While the process was very competitive, having received almost 50 applications requesting for $9.98 million, GRSF would like to thank all applicants for their excellent proposals and looks forward to collaborating with the successful teams on the implementation of their research projects.

Meet the Winners

Winners of the Call for Proposals FY19

The GRSF’s new Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) program, financed by UK Aid, recently announced the winners of its FY 2019 Call for Proposals. These 14 grants totaling USD 2.75 million span over a large geographical area and focus on road safety research, technical assistance and capacity building and are aimed at advancing the global road safety agenda. While the process was very competitive, having received the largest number of applications thus far, GRSF would like to thank all internal and external applicants for their excellent proposals and looks forward to collaborating with the teams on the implementation of their projects.

Meet the Winners


Program Sponsors

Program Outcomes

  • money

    $2.5 billion 
    worth of World Bank investment projects supported by GRSF grants

  • lives-saved

    10,500 lives saved
    through GRSF grants and World Bank loans since 2016

  • money

    $1.7 million
    approved for the GRSF’s Multi-Donor Trust Fund FY20 Call for Proposals for road safety research activities. 

  • funds

    +1$ million
    co-funding leveraged by GRSF in FY20.

  • funds

    49 proposals
    reviewed by GRSF in FY20, resulting in 9 grants on road safety research, advisory and capacity building.