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Road Safety Observatories

Program overview

Improving Crash Data Collection and Monitoring in Three Continents ⌵

Reliable safety and traffic data are essential to assess the full nature of the road safety problem, measure the real economic costs associated with road crashes, and design the most cost-effective road safety interventions.

Responding to this need, GRSF has expanded its scope of activities through the establishment of Road Safety Observatories – a formal network of government representatives to share and exchange road safety data and experience in order to reduce traffic injuries across countries in the region.

Building on the successful regional observatory model in Latin America with the Latin American Road Safety Observatory (OISEVI) in 2011, and following GRSF continuous cooperation with international partners and financial support provided by UK Aid, the African Road Safety Observatory (ARSO) was formally launched at the first Annual Assembly meeting in South Africa in June 2019, while a kick-off event and a second workshop for the Asia-Pacific Road Safety Observatory (APRSO) took place in Singapore (March 2019) and Bangkok (December 2019), with support from UK Aid, FIA Foundation and the QII Partnership between the World Bank and the Government of Japan.

ARSO training

With the support of GRSF, these initiatives have advanced in:

ARSO has implemented:

  • A governance structure of +40 countries and an initial work-plan for the period 2019-2021.

APRSO has facilitated:

  • Initial meetings and consultations between the Asian and the Pacific countries in partnership with ADB, OECD/ITF, FIA, UNESCAP, among others.


  • Tawia Addo-Ashong, Senior Transport Specialist

  • Verónica Raffo, Senior Infrastructure Specialist

  • Alina F. Burlacu, Program Manager BIGRS

  • Elena Lungu, Transport Specialist


Program Sponsors

Program Outcomes

  • money

    in grant funding leveraged by GRSF for road safety studies on data management and capacity (Mozambique & Southern African countries)

  • members

    55 members
    states of the African Union are members of the ARSO

  • country

    19 countries
    are members of APRSO

  • country

    21 countries
    are members of OISEVI

  • People

    16.9 million
    people reached and 150 story submissions received with the ARSO #Roads4Life Storytelling Contest 

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