GRSF DRIVER Completion Report (2019)


GRSF DRIVER Completion Report (2019)

According to the WHO Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018, each year 1.35 million people lose their lives in the world’s roads and up to another 50 million are injured. While some road crashes can be predictable and preventable, efforts to systematically reduce crashes in resource-constrained environments have been stymied by lack of accurate, georeferenced crash and health outcome data to support targeted interventions.

To meet the UN Decade of Action goal of reducing global road fatalities by 50% by 2020, the UN emphasizes the need to improve the quality of data collection in the local, national and global levels. These activities enable governments to more effectively prioritize funding, monitor impact of investments, and strengthen cross-agency collaboration and capacity.

In response to this, the World Bank, working with the Philippines government, developed and deployed a free web-based and open-source system for geo-spatially recording and analyzing road crashes — the Data for Road Incident Visualization Evaluation and Reporting (DRIVER) system. DRIVER links multiple agencies involved in recording road crash data (i.e., local government units, the police, and the health system), standardizes terms and definitions for reporting, and provides analytical tools to support evidence-based investments and policies and monitoring the impact of interventions. Key platform features include:

  • A web-based interface that supports multi-agency use;

  • A companion Android mobile application for field data entry;

  • A public-facing website and tools for downloading anonymized data for third-party analysis;

  • Customizable data entry fields;

  • Multi-lingual support (platform currently offered in six languages – English, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Portuguese);

  • Analytical tools for blackspot prediction, estimating the economic costs of crashes for a selected area; and tracking efficacy of road safety interventions.

GRSF Grant Activities 2019

Under the GRSF, the World Bank team was able to draw upon lessons learned from DRIVER’s pilot implementation in the Philippines to make technical improvements to the platform and to support its scaling for use in new countries. Specifically, the team:

  • Set up translated demonstration instances for new countries;

  • Developed and delivered a training curriculum for new countries;

  • Provided technical support for the Philippines instance;

  • Supported front-end improvements to the platform, to improve user experience; and

  • Supported back-end improvements, to facilitate use by local developers in counterpart counties.

In this report, you will find success stories, good practices and key highlights about DRIVER activities deployed by GRSF.


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GRSF DRIVER Completion Report (2019)

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82% of Road Crash Fatalities and Injuries in the economically productive age groups (15 - 64 years.)

82% of Road Crash Fatalities and Injuries in the economically productive age groups (15 - 64 years.)